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Day's Page Views of Popular Blogs of Narayana Rao

Page Views on 30 September 2017
Compared with 29 November 2014

Narayana Rao’s blogs

24 starred blogs - Blogs with more than 10,000 cumulative page views

Hindi Films and Songs - News and Videos  *1
Pageview chart 68857 pageviews - 1110 posts, last published on Jul 17, 2014
Monthly page views   6205; Daily Page Views 176
142 - 30 Sep 2017

Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center  *2
Pageview chart 245688 pageviews - 1061 posts, last published on Jul 17, 2014 - 28 followers
Monthly page views    13,779 ; Daily Page Views 438

Management Theory Review  *3
Pageview chart 1014250 pageviews - 543 posts, last published on Jul 16, 2014 - 33 followers
Monthly page views  26,991; Daily Page Views  -    965

Management Theory Review - Research Perspective 4
Pageview chart 2484 pageviews - 112 posts, last published on Jul 14, 2014
Monthly page views   587   ; Daily Page Views 20

Telugu Web - Internet Content  * 5
Pageview chart 12469 pageviews - 197 posts, last published on Jul 10, 2014 - 1 follower
Monthly page views    373 ; Daily Page Views 7

India - Information - News, Features and Essays  *6
292309 pageviews - 905 posts, last published on Jul 9, 2014 - 10 followers
Monthly page views   33848; Daily Page Views 1066

NRao Blogs  *
Pageview chart 69425 pageviews - 658 posts, last published on Jul 2, 2014 - 6 followers
Monthly page views   1,364  ; Daily Page Views 34  - 2078

MBA - India Specific Knowledge Center  * 7
Pageview chart 57032 pageviews - 322 posts, last published on Jul 2, 2014
Monthly page views   1442  ; Daily Page Views 35

Management Videos - Top Global B-Schools on YouTube  *8
Pageview  39376
Monthly page views     564 ; Daily Page Views 12

Education - Blogs, Websites, Wikis, Directories  *
Pageview chart 21,920
Monthly page views    400 ; Daily Page Views  30

Computer Science and Engineering Knowledge Center  *9
Pageview chart 59801
23.11.2014 Monthly page views    959  ; Daily Page Views 41

History and Importance of The Day  * 10
Pageview chart 18,867
Monthly page views 1,637     ; Daily Page Views 19

MBA Course Knowledge Center  * 11
Pageview chart 266026 pageviews - 1330 posts, last published on Jun 12, 2014 - 13 followers
23.11.2014 Monthly page views  5,525   ; Daily Page Views 227

National and International Days and Country Information  * 12
Pageview chart 23250
Monthly page views     417 ; Daily Page Views 16

The History of India  * 13
Pageview chart 19088 pageviews - 454 posts, last published on Jun 5, 2014
23.11.2014 Monthly page views  1,337    ; Daily Page Views 112

Ph.d Research Methodology Course and Content  * 14
Pageview chart 26529 pageviews - 141 posts, last published on Jun 3, 2014 - 5 followers
23.11.2014 Monthly page views   1,144   ; Daily Page Views 57

Engineering Management Knowledge Center  * 15
Pageview chart 15121 pageviews - 53 posts, last published on Jun 2, 2014 - 1 follower
23.11.2014 Monthly page views  566    ; Daily Page Views 19

Engineering and Technology Knowledge Center  16
Pageview chart 6091 pageviews - 112 posts, last published on May 14, 2014
Monthly page views  219    ; Daily Page Views 6

Equity Research and Portfolio Management Knowledge Center 17
Pageview chart 4860 pageviews - 111 posts, last published on May 11, 2014
Monthly page views  189    ; Daily Page Views 19

KVSSNRao's Mechanical Engineering Handbook  * 18
Pageview chart 25222
Monthly page views   354   ; Daily Page Views 13

Blog Books - Online Textbooks - Catalogue  *
Pageview chart 178236 pageviews - 132 posts, last published on Nov 17, 2013 - 7 followers
23.11.2014 Monthly page views  1012    ; Daily Page Views  17 - 2515

Monthly page views 5,481      ; Daily Page Views 186

Learning PHYSICS for IIT JEE
Monthly page views 2,372      ; Daily Page Views 67

Learning Mathematics for IIT JEE
Monthly page views 1,204     ; Daily Page Views  29

Telugu Film Information, Videos and Lists
Monthly page views 900     ; Daily Page Views 30

Monday, September 18, 2017

A to Z of Blog Writing - Blogging Tips

The collection of articles is way of organizing a blog book - Collection of selected blog posts by various authors to form useful collection equivalent to a book of reading.







Freshness Factor: 10 Illustrations on How Fresh Content Can Influence Rankings



How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time
Nina Amir, 2015

How to Write Great Blog Content?  A Collection of articles






Mistakes Made By Even Pro Bloggers










Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog : Practical Tips, 2016




Updated 18 September 2017, 5 June 2016

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Successful Blogging - Some Opinions and Thoughts

How to Write a Blog Post That Converts — AND Brings in SEO Traffic [Checklist + Complete Guide]

Criteria of Good Blogs

5 Traits of successful bloggers - Delia Lloyd, Journalist and Blogger from London, March 2012


Five Reasons I Love to Blog - Delia Lloyd - Blog Post - February 2010

Updated 23 Augsut 2017, 12 Feb 2016, 4 April 2012

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How to Succeed and Be The Best at Whatever You Want to Do or Are Doing?

Bo Eason explaining what he did to realize his dream and plan.


28 May 2017 upload
A-Fest Mind Valley

Bo Eason, former NFL safety, playwright & speaker teaches you how to be The Best. Many people want to be the best, but don't know how to prepare to be the best. Preparation is the key to success in any discipline.

Most of us do not practice enough to perform well on the day of performance.



How To Spend Most of Your Day Practicing To Become The Best In Your Industry?

You have to rehearse and practice for good performance. You cannot afford to practice less and perform more. It does not work. Become perfect before you perform.



Monday, June 5, 2017

Social Media Tips for Bloggers - Collection

Daily Social Media Tips - 500 Social Media Tips - FaceBook Community

Social Media Marketing News



Making the Connection: 7 Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Network


March 2016
How To Increase Visibility With Social Media Optimization


Social Media Marketing Tips

60 quick social media tips for beginners
Jack Simpson
By Jack Simpson @ Econsultancy


20 Social Media Tips To Rule In 2014
Drew Hendricks , CONTRIBUTOR
MAY 14, 2014 82,907 VIEWS


Social Media Guide for CFP Professionals


30 Days - 30 Ways to Master Social Media

Day 1 A slow and steady Social media approach
When it comes to social media, advisors shouldn't try using every platform all at once. Instead, start with just one -- whether Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Day 2 Social media compliance essentials
Now that you’ve decided which social platform you want to try, you’d better check in with compliance before you start using it.

Day 3 Update you social profiles

Day 4 The key to social media: listening

30 Brilliant Social Media Tips from 2011

Updated on 7 June 2017, 19 March 2016

Are Page Views Low to Your Blogs? Some TIPS to Increase Page Views

Tips to increase page views to your articles and blogs

Do you think page views to your blogs are low?
Your content needs to be read by many more people?
You need some tips.

11 Techniques to Increase Visitors and Page Views
15 more Tips to Increase your visitors and page views
Increasing page views to a million

Are you writing knols to share your knowledge?

Have you written a good article according to your assessment?

Do you think page views to your knols are low?

Your content needs to be read by many more people?

Can you do something about it?

Are they simple?

Do they work?

Yes, there are some simple actions that you can take. They do work. In the sense, if you do not implement them, the chances are that your work goes unnoticed. Take up those actions, and the chances that your content is accessed by many and evaluated for its usefulness increases.

Why page views are low to my blog posts?

Because interested readers do not even know they exist.  Promote your blog post. The immediate step after posting a blog post  is promoting it. .

Why readers do not know?

Because they come to an online article though search engines.

I am posting on Knol. Does it not mean that all search engines in the world index my knol?
Good question. Yes. even if you posted on Knol search engines will not index it. Even Google will not index it. Search engines index an article more quickly if they come across an article in another articles that their bot is crawling. So if simple post the article, search engines will not come to your article, unless a link to that article is there in another article that is indexed by the search engine.

Does it mean links to my article from another article is very important?

Yes, It seems to be the logic in search indexing.

How do I create such extra links?

You can give Twitter message.
You can make a Facebook message saying that you just posted an article.
You can make an entry in Linkedin communities.
You can make an entry in Orkut communities or status update.
You can make an entry your blog
You can make an entry in Google Buzz

What is the benchmark for page views?

Are you getting one page view per day in Knol counter readings. If you are getting you can consider yourself as an average author. Many are not getting even one page view per day for their knols and they do not bother. Authors who are posting only to get a link on Knol platform will not bother about page views. They are happy that they posted a link on Knol platform.  But there are knols with with 1000 page views per day. There are many knols with 100 page views per day. And there are still many with 10 page views per day.

Are you using category facility of Knol?
Use the category facility. Your knol will have better chance of getting indexed if you specify categories. Many knol authors are not using category facility and may be missing indexing by search engines. Search engines like multiple paths to the same article to index it.

Create Bookmarks on Social Bookmarking sites
Google's search engine page rank depends on backlinks. Even if your knol is indexed it will not appear high in search results unless it has good page rank and page rank comes because of backlinks. Who will create them for your knol? First you have to create them. Then somebody may like it, digg it, favorite it etc. But you have to create it first. Go to sites like, etc. and create book marks.
For more on link building:

"Many people say they don’t have time to arrange their keywords carefully and submit their pages to search engines and directories. I posit that it is more important to get your pages listed properly than to create them in the first place."  [Source: ]

You are sending twitter messages, posting in forums, creating book marks, making blog entries, creating categories. But you are still not getting visitors. May be your content in demand. As you know, if people are searching for the information that you are providing, no body will come despite your promotion efforts. Find out the key words which are being used most often by search users and try to write articles/knols on those topics. You have to write on issues that people want to read.

How to Make a Blog That Will Beat Wiki in its Niche Area?

Think of using the ideas for your knol writing.

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Learn How to Increase Page Views and Attract Visitors to Articles, Blogs, and Web Sites -Others Experts and Authors Opinion and Suggestions


Strategy Improve Page View With Continuous Articles Method
 Nazrul Islam  June 6, 2017 Blogging Guide

How to get a million page views?

Original Knol - 3119

Updated 7 June 2017. 9 June 2013

#TuesdayShares - Twitter Blog Promotion


Share Any Post

Read and RT others

There is #TuesdayThoughts   also - It was shown as trending on 6 June 2017in India Trends

6 June 2017

Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin Communities Can Make Very Good Contribution to Your Blog Success

Industrial engineering Principles, Methods Tools and Techniques

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Bulletin - Information Board

4 April 2017

A to Z April Blogging Challenge
A to Z: 2017 Blogging Challenge - Top Management Challenge Areas

2017 April A to Z Blogging Challenge - Themes and Blogs

#AtoZChallenge article 2: Brand Equity - The NPV of Marketing Investment - Top Management Challenge

1. Management Theory Review

Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles - Review Notes

Designing the Distribution Network in a Supply Chain

2. India - Information
Appreciate Achievements of Independent India during the last 70 years - Commit Yourself for the Next 5 Years