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January 2018

We believe our perspective matters. Therefore we blog.
Industrial Engineering 4.0 - IE in the Era of Industry 4.0

BEST WISHES - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 - Happy Blogging

Science of  Talent

Keynesian economics is hot again.

26 June 2016

We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world. - Woodrow Wilson

My reponse:
God sent you to enrich his creation.

Online revenues reached a peak. The momentum is still there. Once I a wrote a mail to HEF forum saying that a knol book can earn Rs.15,000 per year. Yes, it can get that sort of revenue and also can provide a platform which can be updated in real time by the faculty members.

We will have lot more involvement of IBM Watson Computer or artificial intelligence system in our education process to provide one-to-one interaction with the students or learners. 


Migrated knols


Financial Accounting - Review Revision Notes

Promoting books which are coming out with digital free versions

Posted a new article in marketing
Marketing Strategy - Marketing Process - Kotler's Description

Blogosphere 2011

November 2011

interesting statistics about the makeup of today’s blogging world:

61% are hobbyists – the rest are professionals
1/3 have an income of over 75K a year, 1/4 over 100K
half of the blogosphere has been blogging for four years or more
1/3 of bloggers work in mainstream media and blog separately

The above statistics indicate that it is the main stream media people who are making money by blogging separately. Yes persons like Paul Krugman etc. have popular blogs getting 500,000 visitors per month in US alone.

Very good collection on Blogworld

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Social Media Tips for Bloggers - Collection

Daily Social Media Tips - 500 Social Media Tips - FaceBook Community

Social Media Marketing News


6 Easy Steps to Create An Awesome Animated Promo Video For Social Media (Using PowerPoint!)

Mahabis Slippers - Social Media use for marketing - Case Study       

Make Custom Frames for Facebook Stories to Promote Your Business in Photos and Videos


Making the Connection: 7 Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

7 Critical Habits for Profiting from Social Media


March 2016
How To Increase Visibility With Social Media Optimization


Social Media Marketing Tips

60 quick social media tips for beginners
Jack Simpson
By Jack Simpson @ Econsultancy


20 Social Media Tips To Rule In 2014
Drew Hendricks , CONTRIBUTOR
MAY 14, 2014 82,907 VIEWS


Social Media Guide for CFP Professionals


30 Days - 30 Ways to Master Social Media

Day 1 A slow and steady Social media approach
When it comes to social media, advisors shouldn't try using every platform all at once. Instead, start with just one -- whether Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Day 2 Social media compliance essentials
Now that you’ve decided which social platform you want to try, you’d better check in with compliance before you start using it.

Day 3 Update you social profiles

Day 4 The key to social media: listening

30 Brilliant Social Media Tips from 2011

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Brewster Kahle - Promoter of Internet Archive Organization

Looking for an online book on any subject. Visit Internet Archive

“I’m a digital librarian" - Brewster Kahle

Kahle's Blog



Internet Hall Fame - Outstanding Contribution to Expansion of Internet, Its Services and Its Benefits

Internet Hall of Fame is brought into existence and we need to be aware of the personalities who contributed to the spread of Internet and its benefits to the world.

Three categories of Contributions:
  • Pioneers': "Individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet."
  • Global Connectors: "Individuals from around the world who have made significant contributions to the global growth and use of the Internet."
  • Innovators: "Individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, or policy advances and helped to expand the Internet's reach."
An asterisk (*) indicates a posthumous recipient.



Global Connectors









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